Nurse Suzie Galbraith Holistic Wellness Coach Tucson

Meet Our Holistic Wellness Coach
– Suzie Galbraith RN, BSN, NC-BC

Suzie is a registered nurse of 9 years, a board-certified nurse coach, and a holistic wellness coach. Her mission is to support your specific health and wellness goals. She utilizes a holistic approach to health coaching to facilitate a process of change and assist individuals to uncover their innate healing potential.

Suzie helps to navigate between western and alternative medicine and partners with you to guide, support, encourage, and empower you to take full ownership of your health and wellness.

Her coaching is grounded in holistic and integrative theories focused on the whole-person philosophy. This co-created partnership honors your individuality while providing clarification and direction.

Suzie provides a safe and nurturing environment to explore resistance, challenges and/or barriers to health behaviors, and how to make changes that honor one’s inner knowing and wisdom.

While working with her you will focus on strengths not weaknesses so the shift toward whole-person healing can begin.

What to expect with Holistic Wellness Coaching

  • Holistic Health Assessment: Areas assessed are overall life joy and satisfaction, medical health, physical health, mental health, emotional health, spiritual health, environmental health, financial wellbeing, social wellbeing, and sexual wellbeing.
  • Medication review: Analysis of what is currently being taken, deficiencies they may cause and resources on how to improve deficiencies
  • Goal setting, action plans and accountability
  • Mindfulness practices

Pricing for Wellness Coaching

We recommend a series of 4-8 visits with Suzie depending on the complexity of your goals. First visit: $145, Subsequent visits: $95

Available for Coaching Appointments
Tuesday 2pm–6pm, Wednesday 9am-12pm, Thursday 9am–12pm 

Navigate Wellness With A Partner

Nurse Suzie will guide, support, encourage, and empower you to take full ownership of your health and wellness so you can uncover and empower your innate healing potential.