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Not only is Julie highly intelligent, she poses a great gift. She has the true ability to be tuned into your body. She collaborates the mind, body, and soul into her treatment process. She utilizes her practices of Chinese medicine and Reiki in a true therapeutic experience . I have gone into treatment feeling anxious and pain and left treatment feeling relieved, happy , and no pain. She has greatly improved my quality of life and I encourage anyone who needs any type of healing to contact Julie.

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Chinese Medicine & Reiki Therapy

My experience with Julie was absolutely transformative. I first met Julie as an acupuncture intern, and was impressed by her natural ability to connect with patients on a deep and intuitive level. She consistently makes patients feel comfortable and cared for, is an exceptional listener, and is incredibly intelligent. Julie’s talents go far beyond the classroom and medical settings however; she is a powerful healer on many levels. I did my Reiki Level I attunement with Julie in 2012, and cannot imagine having done it with anyone else. As a Reiki Master, Julie’s multifaceted healing talents combine with her vast and scientific well of knowledge to create immensely powerful, positive, and profound effects. Julie has inspired me to bring energy healing into my daily life, and to maintain focus on cultivating unconditional love and pure white light so that I may share it with all whom I encounter.

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Reiki Transformation

What can I say… this wonderful doctor has brought me back to living. When I had come to see her for my first appt, after the exam, she was talking to me and going over my medical history, she made a diagnosis and stated that she would like to do “a treatment” that day. Then she said the word “acupuncture”. You see, I have an extreme needle phobia. (She saw the large note on my medical history) my heart pounded, pulse elevated, but I was so sick (for over 3 months) conventional medicine, EKG, X-rays, scans, and tests were all within normal limits. (I was healthy) but I felt like I was dying. Julie was compassionate and told me exactly what would happen, she never said “don’t be silly”, or “it’s just a little stick”, etc. I trusted her and said “yes” She worked with me through that first treatment and I have never looked back. By the way, she did not treat me for needle phobia, but she certainly helped me overcome it with her caring, compassionate professionalism. It is an amazing journey I am going through and I am so grateful our paths have crossed.

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When I first started acupuncture I was a little leery because I have never experienced it before. I was experiencing severe pain in my left hip going to my groin. I couldn’t stand, sit or lift my leg. The pain was really restricting me from my everyday chores and enjoyment. I had gone to the Orthopedist and they took X-Rays and MRI. They found nothing but suggested I have a steroid shot in my hip. I tossed that around a few weeks and going to the chiropractor in between. Chiropractor recommended acupuncture so I figured to give it a try. I couldn’t believe in such a short time how my pain went away. I was amazed and now I have become a true believer. I now feel there are alternatives to medicines and shots. I really want to thank you Julie for all your help and great advice. I will continue my therapy with you now and in the future.

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Acupuncture ~ Hip Pain Reduction

My first visit to Envision Wellness followed a back injury this past March. I had a severe lower lumbar tendon strain that had taken a week for the injury to fully manifest itself and I was in excruciating pain. I could not sit at all, could barely walk, and driving was the worst. I had been prescribed muscle relaxers and a couple of heavy-duty pain medications, but I don’t like taking medication and didn’t want to simply treat my symptoms and pain; I wanted to get to the root of my injury and heal it. A couple of my colleagues at school had been seeing Julie at Envision Wellness and recommended I talk to my PCP about getting a referral. I had been seeing a massage therapist and chiropractor almost daily after the injury, but the relief was minimal and temporary. My only relief during those first 4 weeks was to be lying flat on my back. That was really only possible at home, and I was living with debilitating acute pain for 5 weeks when I finally obtained the referral for acupuncture. I had always been skeptical of acupuncture therapy, and honestly couldn’t even stomach the thought of someone inserting countless needles into my body. My fears melted away immediately in Julie’s care. Her needle insertion technique is gentle, and she is wonderful. I began to experience relief from pain, stress, and severely spasmed muscles immediately. I continued to receive treatments 3 times a week for the next several weeks and my injury began to heal; without the use of pain meds.

On my first visit, I could not imagine ever being free of the pain. It was wearing me out those first weeks. Now I look back, and it’s difficult to even remember the days I lived in that much pain. I still visit Julie twice a month and have discovered that back pain is one of many ailments acupuncture is effective in treating and healing. Now, she is focusing on my thyroid nodule (discovered this summer), my energy, my seasonal allergies, stress and also gives me a sleep point that has me sleeping more deeply than I have in many years. Every visit to Envision Wellness is now a priority in my busy schedule that I protect and look forward to!

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Lumber Back Pain Relief

Julie at Envision has been a lifesaver. For several years I have struggled with worsening neuropathy in my feet. She was able to understand my issues and bring pain relief and improvement that had eluded physicians. Julie is a perceptive caregiver and tries to understand and treat the whole person. I recommend Envision Wellness wholeheartedly.

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